Digital Marketing

In this competitive age, one of the most effective ways to advertise your products or services is through digital channels. We have a proven track record in providing the best digital marketing services by successfully implementing Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and many more!

Hypernics Technologies has a wide experience of digital marketing techniques relevant to various verticals.

Our Expert Digital Marketing Services include:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

The objective of SEO is to optimize the content or technical set-up so that your page appears on top of the search engine result for any keyword that is associated with your product/service. The website should be optimized to attract maximum visitors to your website.

We have a proficient team of digital marketing executives who are well-versed in various SEO techniques. Our team identifies the keywords that are searched and the search engines on which they are searched. We optimize the content or add content according to the keywords. We also perform HTML or coding to enhance the relevance of the site for specific keywords. Our SEO practices include increasing the number of backlinks or inbound links.

Our SEO services provide:

  • Optimized page content that web spiders will crawl and index and attract users.
  • Optimize the navigation and architecture of your site making it more user-friendly and facilitate crawling.
  • Optimize anchor text and interlinking.
  • Ensure top rankings for your page by optimizing the design, code, and content of your page.
  • Network with publishers and content providers to present quality content about your business so as to produce backlinks for improved site authority.

Our SEO practices attract qualified users leading to more conversions!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the most powerful way to grow your business. It essentially entails marketing a business through paid ads that appear on the Search Engine Results Page. These ads are known as Pay Per Click (PPC). When searchers look for relevant keywords, these ads appear in front of them. The timing of these ads is perfect as the users are already motivated and click to buy the product.

We utilize various internet marketing strategies to enable you to get more clicks, more visitors, and conversions.

Benefits of our SEM services:

  • Cost-effective services
  • Increases sales conversion ratio
  • Enhanced Brand awareness
  • High ROI

Our team of Search Engine Marketers successfully uses these techniques to enable you to get immediate results.

Social Media Marketing (SMM)

The significance of Social Media in recent times cannot be ignored. For any business to be successful, it is important that it has a social media presence. Outsource the social media marketing of your business and rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your product/service will be extensively advertised on social media channels. We advertise your business on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. to engage and convert your leads.

Our Social Media Marketing practices include:

  • Posting high quality content that has a potential of going viral.
  • Posting customer reviews
  • Setting up paid social media ads
  • Increasing the number of likes
  • Enhance the reach of the post with the objective of increasing customer engagement.
  • Leverage all social media platforms such as FB, Linkedin, YouTube, etc.
Email Marketing

One of the most effective and direct digital marketing strategies is Email Marketing. We have a highly proficient team that is experienced in the nuances of successful email marketing. Our team sends regular, relevant, and informative emails to clients. We strategize our emails so that they are coordinated across channels. We provide emails that are reliable in a tone that connects with the recipients.

Our services include:

  • Crafting engaging emails to be sent to your leads.
  • Create drip campaigns
  • Send a systematic flow of emails to your leads by an automated sequence.
  • Our email marketing strategy speeds up your sales cycle and increases conversions.
Marketplace Management (E-commerce)

Are you looking to make a strong online marketplace presence? The Hypernics Marketplace Management services will help you successfully leverage eCommerce platform to manage your online channels.

We offer the following services for major marketplace channels such as Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Living Social, etc.:

Account setup

Our dedicated expert will help you set up your account. We help you with inventory management, pricing management, order management, advertising management, reports management, etc. We enable you to monitor your efforts.

Product listing

Our professional team collects information about your product from a variety of sources such as printed catalogs, manufacturer’s website, etc. We then upload the details of your product on the leading marketplaces. We have extensive experience in various industries such as apparel, automotive, furniture, to name a few.

SEO Content

Our expert team presents the product description so that it is optimized for search engines. It contains the relevant keywords that users search for the product being described.

Stores Operation

Managing a multichannel store is quite complicated. It involves managing inventory, orders, shipping, etc. Our team of experts helps you to identify the best online store platform. We are experienced in the logistics and management of the marketplace.

Sponsored Ads/PPC

With our effective sponsored ads/PPC campaigns we make your products have the competitive edge in various marketplaces. We offer you the best ROI with minimal CPC with our campaigns.

Order & Payment Process

Order and payment processing in various marketplaces requires in-depth knowledge of the field. Our professional team has the relevant experience of order and payment processing in various marketplaces and with us, the process will be hassle-free.

Customer Support

We manage 24/7 online customer support services of our clients to manage their marketplaces.

Benefits of our services:

  • Consolidated multichannel inventory and order management
  • Updating and managing your product catalog from a single platform
  • Manage the availability of stocks across marketplaces.
  • Integrate shipping tools for delivery of orders at affordable rates.
  • Transparent services wherein we provide regular updates to our clients.
Affiliate Marketing

The basic concept of affiliate marketing entails when an online shopper lands on an affiliate site while intending to purchase an item, he is redirected to the merchant’s site. And, the merchant pays the affiliate for his efforts. We have a time-tested record of successful affiliate marketing using techniques of Search Engine Optimization, Paid per Click Marketing, Email Marketing, and Content Marketing. Our team has been effectively leveraging these marketing strategies to achieve conversions.

Our Affiliate Marketing process is:

Step 1: We create the affiliate page.

Step 2: We submit the affiliate program on various directories and forums.

Step 3: Set up the affiliate infrastructure

Step 4: Send emails to prospective affiliates for joining.

Step 5: Recruit the new affiliates.

We also offer the following services:

  • Review of affiliate applications.
  • Resolve affiliate queries.
  • Generate weekly reports.
Photo shoot and Catalog

For success in your E-commerce enterprise, the presentation is one of the most important aspects. You can avail professional photo shoot and catalog services to present your products/services in the best manner.We provide you the best photo shoot and catalog preparation services to showcase your products. Our professional team is well-versed in photography techniques that will highlight the unique features of your product and attract customers.

Highlights of our services:

  • High-quality photographs that grab the attention of the audience.
  • Create an outstanding shopping experience for your visitors by positioning your products effectively with great visual impact.
  • Make your brand stand out with exclusive presentation.
  • Customizable product images.
  • Catalogs designed to provide your visitors complete overview of your product range displayed in an eye-catching design with clear layouts
Explainer Videos- Animated Infographics

Your audience is no longer satisfied with written content alone. If you have to make a difference present yourself pictorially. Animated infographics present the content in a storytelling manner to the audience providing great engagement. Explainer Videos are one of the best ways to present your products, services, or ideas to your audience. We understand the demands of the digital age audience and prepare animated infographics relevant to your website to provide you an edge over your competitors.

Our services include:

  • Whiteboard animation
  • Motion graphics
  • Kinetic Typography animation
  • Infographic animation
  • Screencast videos
  • And many more!