DevOps is a blend of various cross-functional operations such as development, IT, and QA. Since development and testing are done on the same platform, it reduces work cycle and enhances frequency of delivery. Hypernics Technologies offers DevOps services to plug the gaps that exist between software development, IT and QA. This not only helps you produce software products and services at a better speed but also enhances the operational performance.

Continuous Integration

Reduce the total time of the production cycle and overall costs by adopting continuous integration! With continuous integration, you will have smaller packages of codes; errors detected at early stages because of frequent iterative tests. You will be able to achieve automated, error-free results at high speeds at low costs. We have an experienced team that has successfully leveraged tools like Jenkins, Buildbot, Bamboo, Gitlab to name a few. You can focus on your business while our proficient team builds automated systems conducting various tests to ensure bug-free systems

Microservices & Serverless Computing

Enjoy the benefits of our microservices! We will provide you software decomposed into smaller modules which can be individually developed, deployed or scaled as required. Our Microservices will ensure continuous delivery and development of software with serverless coding.

  • Can be organized for applications such as user-interface front-end, logistics, billing, etc.
  • Can be used for protocols such as HTTP.
  • Have shared memory
  • Compatible with various software and hardware environments.
  • Implementation is possible using various languages and platforms
Performance Optimization and Stress Testing

Performance optimization and stress testing need to be carried out to ensure that the website works without any glitches on peak load. The DevOps team at Hypernics technologies carries out a complete stress test of your website at different loads to ensure that it works smoothly at peak loads.

Continuous Development

With our DevOps services you will be able to achieve software development being carried out seamlessly at a high speed. We carry out continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous testing and deployment. For development, version control and automation are built using specialized tools such project management software, Apache Maven for smooth delivery of code. Our software development process is agile and flexible so as to provide customized results to our clients.

Code Inception & Reviews

You can easily outsource code inception to Hypernics Technologies. Our experienced team builds the code structure, structures module divisions after defining the framework for coding.

One click deployments and rollback

We enable one-click deployment of software from the development server to live server using tools like Git Hub and SVN. If there is some shortcoming in the code you can easily revert it by using one-click rollback to the development server. Hypernics technologies applies a combination of CI/CD Pipeline, Feature Flags, and Expand and Contract Pattern for database development which makes deployments and rollback possible in one click.

Centralized Log Management

Having a difficulty maintaining data of activities on your website?

Maintaining the data of activities on a website is imperative to ensure high availability, better performance, low latency, etc. However, it can be a daunting task. But if you leave it in our expert hands, you no longer need to worry about it!

We develop a centralized log management system to maintain data such as activity logs, user history, etc. on a centralized database. We use the best tools for centralized log management such as Fluetnd, Heapster, Logstash to name a few.

Infrastructure Security

With cyber attacks on the rise, it is not only necessary to ensure the security of the network but also the infrastructure. Hypernics Technologies offers comprehensive infrastructure security using the firewall, log maintaining, file security, security from SQL injection to name a few. We integrate the security systems into the DevOps process to make the system highly secure.

Our methodology includes:

  • Estimating the weaknesses of the project and testing for those.
  • Creating a strategy
  • Testing the functionality and performance from the perspective of the user
  • Testing early and on a regular basis
  • Providing regular updates

Benefits of our DevOps services:

  • We provide our clients customized state of the art architecture with the necessary automation support.
  • We are well-experienced in the field and can offer you continuous delivery at high speed without any errors.
  • We are experts in leading DevOps tools such as Docker DevOps, Chef DevOps, Puppet DevOps, to name a few.
  • We offer a highly automated environment with configuration automation and management of test data.
  • We apply agile methodologies across heterogeneous technologies and architectures.
  • We offer a great ROI with log management and operational analytics.
  • Our services are completely transparent and cost-effective.